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Australians who do not have a valid Will are at risk of failing to properly plan for their beneficiaries. The complex relationships of modern life spell a recipe for chaos when you pass away so getting your affairs in order now is more important than ever. Dying without a valid Will, means your assets including your personal belongings will be distributed according to law, which may mean that a loved one may get nothing.

A Will must be relevant to your current life circumstances, so even if you have a Will, it is worth having it reviewed to ensure it is up to date. There is no time like the present to consult us about making or updating your Will, and with our flexible appointment times we are available at a time that suits you.

Please note we only draft simple Wills. We do not draft Wills that require testamentary or other forms of trusts. Contact us to discuss your individual circumstances.


Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney are different to Wills. A Power of Attorney operates while you are still alive. As with a Will, it is important that you ensure your Powers of Attorney are up to date. With life’s uncertainty, no matter what age, if you were unable to make decisions for yourself you want to ensure that a person that you trust will be ready and willing to make those decisions for you.

It is a very serious document and care should be taken not only to draft a Power of Attorney but also to understand the legalities of such a power. For legal advice and to provide instructions to prepare a Power of Attorney for you, please contact us.

** Please note we do not store any original Wills or Powers of Attorney documents