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Buying or selling a Property

The process of transferring property is called a conveyance.

Whether you are selling or buying a property it is important to have a suitably qualified person to undertake the transaction for you.

We advise our clients that when the time comes to buy or sell a property, before you see an agent or make an offer on a property it is important you get advice from a lawyer.

Engaging a Lawyer for your conveyancing matter can often mean saving money in the long run, especially if any unforeseen complex legal matter arises during the conduct of your file. A Lawyer can identify these complexities and manage your legal issues as they arise; unlike a conveyancer who cannot provide legal advice and would refer you to a Lawyer.  Engaging a law firm to undertake your conveyancing matter means you are receiving experienced advice and will receive real value for money.

We encourage our clients to get advice BEFORE signing a contract.  In circumstances where you have engaged us early and need us on the weekend (eg. during an auction) we will provide clients with a contact number, so you can call us to discuss the transaction as required (including after hours or on weekends). We can also review contracts when you need them.

To arrange an appointment Contact us  or click on appointments.